1) You and your sales team will come up witha floor plan to suit your wants and needs.  This floor plan is then passed on to our draftsperson.  They will create complete drawings for construction.  You will be called in to go over the plans to ensure what you have asked for is on the drawings.  If you have changed your mind about a few items this is the ideal time to make those changes. 

2) The draftsperson completes the drawings and you are called in again to go over the final plans and specification booklet you thoroughly reviewed previously.  The window selections are to be ordered at this time.  You will then sign the final plans and specification booklet.  They will then be submitted for permit.  Once we received approved permit, excavation will commence. 

3) The Customer Coordinator will contact you to go over exterior and interior choices available.  You will discuss exterior colors, cabinet style and interior finishes.  Wall color etc will be filled out on our interior and exterior finishes checklist. 

4) Once framing starts, exterior and interior checklist should be finalized.  If you would like to upgrade your cabinets beyond what is specified in your specification booklet, you need to advise your Customer Coordinator at this time.  The Customer Coordinator will complete a change order proposal for your signature prior to making any changes.

5) Installation of any products, you the owner have purchased, are not covered under your Alberta New Home Warranty.  If you require Amron Homes to install appliances that are not indicated in your specification booklet please notify your Customer Coordinator.  A change order will be filled out with your specific request. 

6) Plumbing fixtures are next.  If going with standard fixtures no choices need to be made.  If upgrading, let your Customer Coordinator know.  The plumber needs to know the specifics to ensure proper RI’s and installation is done. 

7) Once shingling starts, you should get your flooring decided.  Countertop, cabinet wood and stain and paint swatches should be chosen as well.  If your flooring allowance is not enough for what you want and you want to upgrade, contact your Customer Coordinator to complete a change order if adding to your mortgage, or pay any overages directly to the flooring company.

8) When the electrical is ready a meeting our electricians will be arranged.  This is the stage where you indicate where you want your switches, plugs, cable outlets etc. The electricians follow the Alberta Building Code.  Any extras will require a change order.

9) Any  changes or alterations you decide to make must be brought to the attention of your Customer Coordinator.  A change order will be filled out and signed by all parties involved.  No change will take place without this change order.  Remember to thoroughly read your specification booklet as this is your contract with Amron Homes.  This is why it is very important for you to review the specification booklet and your plans before signing them.  Amron Homes is not responsible for any additional items you personally have purchased for your home.

10) Now that all your choices have been made you can sit back and watch your home take shape. Anytime you have a question phone our Customer Coordinator.  Note: Due to Occupational Health and Safety you are unable to walk through your home without a representative from Amron Homes.  Please contact us to arrange for walk throughs.


Thank you for choosing Amron Homes to build your new home.